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I encountered a bug and it was frustrating, but made some comedy out of it!

Pretty sure it broke and I couldn't finish it but I enjoyed what I played.


This Game seemed fun, but I got Bugged out. However, it created this wonderful video!

I have not had this much trouble with a puzzle game, if it is even that but I had a blast playing, was scary gave me chills a few times, I might have broke the game towards the end, none of the heads will move etc XD Im sure it just goes to me being an idiot, so thank you devs for making this game possible as well as giving me the chance and experience to play!

This game SCARED MY NUTS OFF!! There were some crazy eerie moments where the atmosphere creeped up behind you and left me wanting much more! I do think the bathroom area dragged out longer than it should have; for instance, why were we even in there in the first place? I don't think the bathroom has any relevance to the actual 'story', if there even was a story. Other than that, I got thoroughly freaked out! Awesome job on this beast of a creation! Looking forward to future releases!

Nice start, reminds me on Alice in Wonderland. A litte buggy in the end

Alice In Wonderland meets the SAW movies... BUT EVEN BETTER!

OMG this was short but OMG that think scared the SH!T OUT OF ME!!!


3D TV VR box Video Side by Side SBS google cardboard

Wish it wasn't so buggy but still original ideas here so I'm sure it'll only get better from here!

Such a cool concept! I also hit some few bugs, but I never expect perfect in a demo. I can't wait to see more and find more explanations about what we are being attacked by! 

*Rurr* Hello everyone! Little bit of a late comment, but I played and enjoyed this little teaser, although I did run into a funny bug as I show at the beginning of my video below - Hope people enjoy!

There were some legitimately scary parts to this game. Sadly I got caught on the chess event bug, but I'm thinking I'll come back and give it another go. Looking forward to seeing more from this!

Pretty good as far as demos are concerned. The horror elements are there, the game makes you feel uneasy at times and confused as hell at others but that seems to be a part of its charm. 

I just so happened to break the game at the end I think, I'm assuming that the movable piece is supposed to break the other and reveal the final door for the demo. That didn't quite happen for me...

Apart from that, I enjoyed the small amount of time I had with the demo. I recorded a short let's play of it if you don't mind.

Cheers and best of luck with the development of the game!

Had some guy stood right next to me when the phone call said run and he was even in the other room with me. Not sure if that was what was supposed to happen or not.

Nifty little thing, still a bit buggy. I've pointed out a few instances in my video! Good luck while you continue to work on it!

Fun stuff, neat visuals!

Really nice horror game! It's a little sluggish but for the most part is fluent. On the final part, if you touch the head without attach the antenna the stone will move but stuck, even with the final position of the antenna it'll be stuck forever and not break the stone piece. I had to restart to get the ending! Video will be up in 3pm central time.

This game is easily one of the scariest I've played! I love the concept of switching between realities. Here's part one of my playthrough, there will be more!

Cool, glad you liked it. Thanks for making the video!


Pretty fun game honestly. The inventory system is a little slow to use and there appear to be a few bugs and fps drops, but I like what you're going for.

Thanks for making the video!

Wieso ist´n der Typ zu dämlich den scheiß Türriegel zu öffnen MAAAAAN?!!!