A downloadable game for Windows

A student-made game project for Studio 694, WCG's in-house game development team. Created by Catherine Sabine (@GhostlyFail). Catherine's portfolio can be found here.

Little Mush is a small adventure game. You play as Mush, a little mushroom child, stuck in a strange town.

Your bus has broken down, and you need to help fix it. Gather the necessary items, so you can help fix the bus, and be on your way. Throughout, you meet some odd and interesting characters.

This is a short game intended to be played in one go, so it does not include a save.


For playing with controller, follow on-screen prompts.

Follow us at @WCGamesArt

All Studio 694's games are made by students as part of their coursework. We do our best but please expect bugs / glitches / other unexpected strangeness. 

Install instructions

Download the zip and extract into an empty folder. Run LittleMushGame.exe to play!


LittleMush.zip 126 MB

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