A downloadable game for Windows

A student-made game project for Studio 694, WCG's in-house game development team. Created by Adam Cox and Charlie Burchmore. 

Shellfire focuses on spearheading the local-multiplayer experience by combining light-hearted, competitiveness with the strategic control of a tank, in a four player arena shooter.

4 player only, for best results insert controllers after launching game.

RT - forwards

LT - reverse

Left stick - Steer

Right stick - Aim turret

A - Shoot

B - Use ability

Start - Restart (Hold)

Follow us at @WCGamesArt

All Studio 694's games are made by students as part of their coursework. We do our best but please expect bugs / glitches / other unexpected strangeness. 

Install instructions

Download the zip then extract, and run Shellfire.exe

Requires controllers to play, for best results plug them in after launching the game.


Shellfire.zip 28 MB

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